New Fiction Project

Okay, so these days I rarely start a project without having some idea of the people involved. Unfortunately, I have a small cadre of people in my head, all of whom are chattering away. I’ve already written three short pieces.

That’s the order of occurrence. However, those three pieces don’t really give one the scope of the entire project. Here’s the basic idea.

Alexander and Lorelei are together until an occurrence kills her. In his grief, Alexander attempts to find a way into the past to change things. Instead he rips into another reality where he meets Lorelei again. The problem: Their realities aren’t the same and something or someone doesn’t like anything passing between the two.

That’s where I am right now. Fury and others exist in both realities though they aren’t exactly the same. Should be interesting to see what happens with this thought in my brain.

3 Characters I Will Always Love

I spend a decent amount of time on Magical Words which means I get to see the link round-up they do daily. One of the links from today (Dec 1, 2016) was for a blog post on Barnes and Noble entitled Mind Meld: Some of Our Favorite Characters. This got me thinking, what characters in my life stick around?

Like many writers, I am an avid reader, so I have a small stable of characters who have affected the way I think and even approach narrative. They pop up from time to time, poking their heads out of the things I’ve written as if to remind me of their continued existence in my consciousness. I’ll give you three. Continue reading 3 Characters I Will Always Love

Just a Moment [Fiction]

The staircase felt longer than it should have, but Lore took each step one at a time. Running might bring her closer more quickly, but it would not change the outcome.

“You realize anyone we send is liable to die, right?”

The discussion rang in her ears and her memory. 

“He’s not exactly in the most charitable of moods.”

Click. Click. Click. One stair at a time. One heartbeat at a time. The seconds ticked away. She ran her fingertips over the railing and let it soothe her.

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