Big News!

Big News!


I’m going to be guesting at CONCAROLINAS. Yes, you read that right. I will be at ConCarolinas 2017 in Charlotte, NC as a guest. So much did not see this one coming. Especially right on the heels of being told I wouldn’t be able to vend at GnomeCon here in Savannah because there is no room for me this year. Sad!face mostly because for those of you following along, my husband proposed to me at GnomeCon last year. He makes me happy and it would have been awesome to do that con again this year. May still go, just not vend.

In other news…

I am also going to be in Siren’s Call in February for their annual Women in Horror issue. Incredibly pleased by this as well. Look for A Bargain and An Arrangement in there.

Photo of the books available from Feb’s promo.

Finally, I am participating in the 1st Annual African American History Month Giveaway, a multi-author promotion spearheaded by N.D. Jones. The promotion will run from Feb. 6 to Feb. 17 and features 18 authors (including myself). Run through Instafreebie, you have the option of downloading sample or full copies of books in your choice of format. Dark King Rising is on there as a sample (Instafreebie). Kindle Select says I cannot put up more than a sample, but I’m offering a Kindle Countdown deal from the 10th through the 17th for those who want to catch the book at a discount.

That’s the big news! I’m happy for me. Are you happy for me?

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