What If [001]

I’m working on generating ideas for when I need a new project. The only problem with this is: I usually cannot find them when it comes time to work on something else and thus they never get written. So I will be keeping a record here on my blog and on my FB in order to have a ready stockpile of ideas whenever it comes time to work. This is my way of bottling the lightning in my brain for future use.

What if?

So you get hit by a car and lie in the hospital dying. You weren’t a wonderful person, but you managed to have a few human connections worth noting. An angel comes to you and says they can help you have one more day if you will use it to help someone else. You jump at the chance. Suddenly, you’re in the body of a relative you hate who is facing a challenge and you have the choice to help them fix it or make it worse.

Depending on the details, this could fit into a number of different genres.

Maybe you were a great lover and your relative is hopelessly awkward in love trying to woo their dearest. [Romance]

The angel is really a demon sent to give you hope and then snatch it away at the last moment or something more sinister. [Horror]

Perhaps the relative is your estranged son or daughter on the verge of suicide and your one day is spent helping them learn to live again? [Drama]

You end up in the body of the family dog and run around the neighborhood getting into shenanigans that help the neighbors? [Comedy]

Then of course there is the fact that you could have multiple things going on at one time. This might actually be enough to create a novel if I want. Heehee! 

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