Thoughts on Get Out

The visceral fear of losing who you are is the heart of Get Out. Someone taking you over just adds a level of creepy flare to it which can’t be matched.

Assimilation is something we all deal with when becoming a part of a new group. Before I got married, I met my husband’s family who are extremely different from my own.  Unlike Chris, he brought me into the fold in stages and I did my best to be on my best behavior, which was easy cause his family was genuinely interested in meeting me and making me a member of the family if he would have me.

In Get Out, Chris brings a certain level of suspicion into the situation, but it isn’t an unearned suspicion highlighted by the interaction with the policeman on the highway. However, even he’s not ready for what he actually finds when he delves into his girlfriend’s household.

My favorite part was the Sunken Place. It is good to have a vocabulary for something which feels as if no one understands it but you. To sit back and be a passive passenger in your own mind while it seems as if you do something you know would be against your nature.

Overall, I want to own this movie. It’s a good watch and possibly a good rewatch for me.

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