The Works in Progress Post

I’m excellent at starting things. Finishing them is something I’m slightly less excellent at.

This is not to say I don’t finish things because I do, just not always in a timely fashion. For instance, I started several stories on this blog which I have not completed or even really worked on.

So You Wanna Be a Serial Killer is one of them. Another, untitled work, languishes unhappily on my hard drive. Neither of these pieces, or any of the others I have started and never finished, is incomplete due to my inability to finish a story. As the number of books I’ve completed can attest, I can finish something given the right impetus. So why are these and others undone?

I think it might be because I started them with no real interest in actually finishing them. They were started as a way to kill boredom and when the next shiny thing came along tossed to the side they went.

I suppose the question is this: Does it matter to anyone if I finish these pieces? Obviously it matters to me, though perhaps not enough to get me moving; otherwise, I wouldn’t be posing the question. Comment below if you’d like to see me finish any of the half a dozen stories I’ve started on this blog and if you have a particular one you’re looking forward to.

4 thoughts on “The Works in Progress Post

  1. I am a new follower, so I had only read the SYWBASK installments until I read a few of Lorelai & Alexander today. I am interested in both, so my suggestion is to pick one and do a serial. It’s a selfish suggestion because I just want something to look forward to…

    1. I’m working on revamping the storylines I had for those two stories….I also have a piece up on Wattpad I need to tend to. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!

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