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If you’re not a follower of my Facebook page, (Shame!) you probably haven’t heard from me in a while. I post there a lot more than I post here. And I post here more than I send to my newsletter, go figure. Anyway, for those who aren’t up to date on the adventures of my existence, I started a new job. I now work for a Savannah-based State Farm insurance agent as an agent team member. What this means is: my schedule just got shot to crap. I now work from 8-5 Mon-Fri, seems pretty normal right? Yeah, except I haven’t had a standard job in almost a decade. I’m used to going to work around 10 am and being done by like 3 pm. This left me a lot of time to write. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

How is this going to affect my publishing schedule? Yeah, I have one of those. It stated I was going to put out a book a quarter this year. 4 books total over 12 months. “Blades of Fate” comes out on the 1st of April. (PREORDER IT NOW!) I’m at the 95% mark in getting that completed for publication. I have two days left before Amazon wants the manuscript in their grubby paws. Between starting a new job, which included studying to take an exam prior to, and then getting a ridiculous case of the flu I have somehow managed to still not have to move this publication date. As for the other three books I have on the list, I don’t know. We’ll see. As soon as I know something concrete, you’ll know something.

Meantime…”Chains of Fate” is on $0.99 promo through the 29th in preparation for “Blades” on April 1st. I’m madly typing away to make sure “Blades” is ready on time and “Cities in Time” (aka book 3) has an opening chapter I’m not 100% about.


Anyway, thanks for hanging through all that when what you really wanted was to read something fun. Here’s an excerpt from “Blades of Fate” for your patience.

From “Blades of Fate”:

The Queen stood and everyone came to a stop. The drummers let the sound disappear into the room. The moonlight made the room bright in places. She came down with the man in tow. He listened to the sound of his heart in his ears as she spoke. Warden clicked his blades into place.

His exit strategy was already planned. He had only to make it across the room and out of the doors before anyone could stop him and he would wind his way through the palace and out into the garden where he would make his escape.

The kiss was the perfect moment. He charged out of the dark and into the Queen’s side, stabbing her. She whirled around and drew her sword. Though he should have been on his way out, he hesitated a moment. Their eyes met. Hers stood out from her face with an unnatural blue. Warden felt his knees lock, then instinct kicked in and he ran. His head might have been full, but his process was simple.


Preorder it now!

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