On Being Myself

Today, like many days, I am reminded that being myself does not come with a manual.

I come back to things a couple of times a year. Around my birthday, I wrote the post “There is Only During”, which remains my mantra in life. There is no before or after, only during. The question is sometimes ‘during what’? My writing career is in slow motion, incredibly slow motion, but it is moving incrementally. I’ve made the choice to try and get healthier about my choices, including eating, sleeping, and exercise.

As I look forward to 2018, I see some of my friends posting their To Be Written lists, sometimes with covers. I know there are some things I need to finish in 2018. Alice, which is written but needs an edit. Book 3 of She Becomes Death. There are things I need to follow up on.

There is nothing telling me I have to do this. There is nothing telling me I have to do anything. The impetus is internal.

There is no manual. Only suggestions.

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