This Whole New Year Thing

Let’s talk about the New Year thing.

Wearing His Ring: She Becomes Death Book 1
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If I’m honest, and I generally am, I don’t always look forward to the new year because the expectation of success is more than I want to deal with. It seems as if everyone looks on the New Year as if (magically) it will be better than the last year. 2016 wasn’t the greatest year of my life, but then I can’t say that about any year of my life up to this point. Yes, I got engaged (March 4). I put out my third book (Wearing His Ring: She Becomes Death Book I). I didn’t end up in the hospital. I moved in December.

But what about 2017? I’m starting the year by getting married Jan. 13. I am working on Con appearances and vending.

  • April 1st – Blades of Fate, sequel to Chains of Fate
  • July 1stWielding His Scythe: She Becomes Death Book II.
  • September 30thThe Becoming/Hush (Psychic versus Serial Killer).
  • Christmas – Debating between Alice Effect (Cthullu zombies) or Winning His Kingdom: She Becomes Death Book III.

In between, I have various short stories and other projects (including possible in person workshops) I’m working on. Maybe it will be a good year. Maybe it won’t. What I do know is that no matter what, I have to make it a year worth remembering. Otherwise, I’m gonna kick myself at the start of 2018.

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