Hey Guys! Guess What?

So I finally got around to putting together a site for myself because well, everyone says you need to have one and well, while Blogger has been really good to me over the years, it has also been there for years carrying lots of drivel, so I figured it was time to just finally cut ties. If you want to take a look at my old blog (Creative Chaos) click the link.

I will be importing some of my old blog posts from Blogger, mostly my One Page stuff and Hacking My Brain. Those were actually interesting and I’ve written all of them in the past year.  So look for those to reappear when I get some time. In other news, it is NaNoWriMo season and I’m currently not involved with it. A little saddening, but a little bit to be expected since I’ve been participating for a number of years and I have a backlog of stuff that needs to get done.

In other news, I have a Bargain Booksy promotion coming out for October Sky on Friday (11/11/2016).  It’s a test run to see if I have fully figured out what I’m doing. It is going to be wonderful. If you want to boost the sale, please, pick up a copy on Veteran’s Day to help me out.

Upcoming Work?

I know some of you have been waiting forever for me to finish Blades of Fate and get it out for sale. What you don’t know is that I contracted with an editor to revamp Chains of Fate, which is definitely impacting my ability to get that worked on. I promise I am making forward progress, you will just have to be patient with me.

Anyway, I’ve also got a new email address to go with the site: alledria@alledriahurt.com so if you would like to drop me a line, please feel free. I’ll do my best to answer everything as timely as I can.


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