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Responsibility =/= Blame

Recently finished “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson.  I enjoyed the book, and some of it was a reiteration of things I had heard before.

Even what struck me as important is something I already knew:
Taking responsibility for something does not equal taking the blame for it.

Sometimes, there are things in life which happen just because they happen. Other things happen because some humans are douche bags. Then there are those things which occur because someone likes you. None of these are actually under my control. They are circumstances in my life.

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Big News!

Big News!


I’m going to be guesting at CONCAROLINAS. Yes, you read that right. I will be at ConCarolinas 2017 in Charlotte, NC as a guest. So much did not see this one coming. Especially right on the heels of being told I wouldn’t be able to vend at GnomeCon here in Savannah because there is no room for me this year. Sad!face mostly because for those of you following along, my husband proposed to me at GnomeCon last year. He makes me happy and it would have been awesome to do that con again this year. May still go, just not vend.

In other news…

I am also going to be in Siren’s Call in February for their annual Women in Horror issue. Incredibly pleased by this as well. Look for A Bargain and An Arrangement in there.

Photo of the books available from Feb’s promo.

Finally, I am participating in the 1st Annual African American History Month Giveaway, a multi-author promotion spearheaded by N.D. Jones. The promotion will run from Feb. 6 to Feb. 17 and features 18 authors (including myself). Run through Instafreebie, you have the option of downloading sample or full copies of books in your choice of format. Dark King Rising is on there as a sample (Instafreebie). Kindle Select says I cannot put up more than a sample, but I’m offering a Kindle Countdown deal from the 10th through the 17th for those who want to catch the book at a discount.

That’s the big news! I’m happy for me. Are you happy for me?

So Fantastic Beasts

Ladies and Gents, I have a confession to make: I know nothing about Harry Potter. There I said it. I am a member of the reading public who has never read, seen, or cared about Harry Potter.  To be honest, part of my problem is rabid fans. My first attempt at introduction to the Potter-verse was in college during a creative writing class in which a fellow classmate made fun of the people picketing and saying that it was a tool of the devil. As a rule, I avoid most things with rabid fans or anti-fans unless it is something I am already familiar with. The current surge in Dark Tower fandom brought on by the oncoming movie doesn’t bother me because I’ve already read the Dark Tower series several times and have some settled opinions about it. All that being said, I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

It was a beautiful, wonderful, captivating movie. I hesitate to say I love it, but I just might.

What about it did I love? Well, having an autistic leading man, perfect. Having two love stories, one of which doesn’t pan out and another which does, beautifully done. Granted Newt/Tina turns out exactly the way I expected in dealing with two characters with social interaction problems. Both myself and the fiance were nearly screaming at him to kiss her in their ending scene, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen because that was not where he was yet and while she’s confident in her decisions about work, she’s less confident in her decisions about people so she wasn’t going to make that move either. Awkwardly awesome. Jacob the no-mag’s resignation of losing something that has given his life meaning, it was an AWWWW scene. (There’s also the interesting fact that though he was obliviated, he still partly remembers what he saw and uses it in his pastries. I wonder if that means there is a chance he could regain his memory?) Collin Farrell as Graves was amazing. Of course, I adore Collin Farrell in an ‘he could narrate me the phone book’ kinda way, so yeah. Part of me wonders though: Was Grindelwald Graves the whole time, like that was a complete alter-ego of his or was there once a real Graves that Grindelwald killed and took over his identity? Either could be interesting.

After doing a bit of reading, I am made to understand there will be more movies in this franchise. As of right now, I am very interested to see them and where this goes.

I know, I know, you’re wondering so I shall put you out of your misery. Kinda. Harry Potter has been on my radar as something I might consider reading for a number of years. Seeing this film has not catalyzed that into being anything more than a whim. It might happen. It might not. Who knows?

Bargain Booksy Promotion

I’m super excited. Today’s the day. My very first ever promotion for one of my books. October Sky is being featured on Bargain Booksy  with a deal available for 24 hours. Guys, I am at the top of the Young Adult category.
Top of the Young Adult genre on Bargain Booksy for November 11, 2016

Part of me is like: This isn’t really happening, but it totally is.  I implore you, go to Bargain Booksy and click on one of the several available purchase buttons for the book. Help me win at this promotion thing.

Remember: 24 hours. After today, it’s gone!


Hey Guys! Guess What?

So I finally got around to putting together a site for myself because well, everyone says you need to have one and well, while Blogger has been really good to me over the years, it has also been there for years carrying lots of drivel, so I figured it was time to just finally cut ties. If you want to take a look at my old blog (Creative Chaos) click the link.

I will be importing some of my old blog posts from Blogger, mostly my One Page stuff and Hacking My Brain. Those were actually interesting and I’ve written all of them in the past year.  So look for those to reappear when I get some time. In other news, it is NaNoWriMo season and I’m currently not involved with it. A little saddening, but a little bit to be expected since I’ve been participating for a number of years and I have a backlog of stuff that needs to get done.

In other news, I have a Bargain Booksy promotion coming out for October Sky on Friday (11/11/2016).  It’s a test run to see if I have fully figured out what I’m doing. It is going to be wonderful. If you want to boost the sale, please, pick up a copy on Veteran’s Day to help me out.

Upcoming Work?

I know some of you have been waiting forever for me to finish Blades of Fate and get it out for sale. What you don’t know is that I contracted with an editor to revamp Chains of Fate, which is definitely impacting my ability to get that worked on. I promise I am making forward progress, you will just have to be patient with me.

Anyway, I’ve also got a new email address to go with the site: so if you would like to drop me a line, please feel free. I’ll do my best to answer everything as timely as I can.


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