Amen [Fiction] + A Question

Lore retreated from the world. Sheridan offered her a room, apparently it had been her’s, but Alexander had it cleaned out after she passed away. For that much, she was thankful. No need to have to look at more pictures of her and the mystery man together. As she waited for Alexander to come looking for her, she considered her options. She had nothing. According to the world she was in, there was a heady thought, she had died. Sheridan was close-lipped about how or why exactly since they didn’t talk about Lorelei as if she were in poor health.

Making the bed in her room, she tried to imagine what kind of life she would have to make while she waited to go home. She didn’t want to be Alexander’s lover. Not that he wasn’t good looking and apparently he loved her beyond reason, but she didn’t want him to want her for his memories. She wasn’t the girl he remembered. She could never be her.

Lorelei smoothed the sheets with one hand. The common motions of doing something as simple as making the bed calmed her. However, it did nothing about her present dilemma.

Her entire life she’d studied to become a biochemist. Mason Pharmaceuticals offered her a lucrative position. Now she’d lost that because of some lovesick puppy of a boy. She stamped her foot with her hands clenched. Her ambitions destroyed because he couldn’t control himself.

A knock on the door brought her around and she almost jumped out of her skin.


The woman in the doorway evidenced shock before her wings flared out around her.


“You can’t be here, I mean…shit…I don’t know what I mean.”

They had been friends, she and Aliyah Simpson. Now to look into that face again after so many years. Lore took a step back as she finally recognized this wasn’t her Aliyah, she was his. The black feathers gave it away.

“Not like you to cuss. You’ve usually got better control than that.”

“You mean, not like her. Your Lorelei.”

Aliyah’s brows furrowed. “Right, right. This whole thing is confusing and Alex needs to hurry up and fix it.”


For those following along: Which direction should this go? Do you want to see a romance where he tries to win her over or more of an action story where she’s drawn into the intrigue of his existence? Let me know what you’re thinking by leaving a comment.

2 thoughts on “Amen [Fiction] + A Question

  1. I like both ideas, although he doesn’t seem like the wooing type. This would probably be painful for him, having lost his Lorelai. Maybe they work together to get her back to her original dimension and gain a working relationship?
    What about the other Alexander?

    1. You ask a very good question: what about the other Alexander? I’m not sure, but he’s going to play a role in this somehow.

      As for him being a wooer, for the right reason he can be. It won him Lore’s heart the first time. The downside is of course, he doesn’t know this Lore and will make lots of mistakes by assuming she’s the same as her counterpart. I may see if I can combine both storylines and see what happens.

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